Friday, December 23, 2005

As I mentioned before this has been a crazy week. Starting last Saturday a group of us began practice for an interactive Narnia show to play at one of the local malls. We spent about 6 hours practicing on Saturday, then another few hours on Monday. On Monday afternoon we did a bit of a practice show for a small audience. Then on Tuesday we began our week at the mall! We had shows at 1 and 8 at Jurong Point Mall. This meant getting to the mall at about 11 and not leaving til about 9pm. A long day! On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we had shows at 1, 4, and 8. Christmas Eve we will have only one show at noon. It has been a fun week, but a long one! Even so, I will sad when I take my Tumnus costume off for the last time tomorrow!

I've posted a few pictures that were taken by one of the ladies from our church who came with friends and their kids to see the show.


Welcome to Narnia


Squeaky said...

Wow! Three comments of the same post. Silly Mr. Whitty. Narnia looks very cool. Too bad you're kinda far away or we'd come see the show. ;) Well, have a grand 'ol day and Merry Christmas!


Ariadne said...

Whitty! My favorite chess club leader type person! How are you guys? I've only heard vague rumors about your Singapore activity... what are you up to over there?


Beanie said...

wow... nice costumes! has the movie come out in singapore already?

Donna Goode said...

How wonderful! I wish we had been there to see your presentation! From the photos it looks so professionally done! I bet is was so much fun! Way to go!