Thursday, February 23, 2006

17 days old today

Well, the past couple weeks have been crazy! (I know, things will only get crazier!) We have been having tons of wonderful support from people here. The first week home we had meals provided by different members of the school, and of course Gigi and Poppa Alexander are here to help out.

Earlier this week we had an adventure when the drains started backing up. As we are finding out, having a baby requires a LOT of laundry, we can't have the drains backing up everytime the laundry is done. So, we called the landlord and he had a couple plumbers come to clean up that mess.

We also made a run to Ikea (a furniture store) and got a bunch of new things for here: rocking chair, dresser, a couple small twin mattresses, and more drying racks (lots of baby clothes, especially when we don't get the diaper on properly!).

Tomorrow we plan to go to the US Embassy to start the process of getting Aaron's passport. We have 42 days from his day of birth to have him registered with Singapore, pray that everything goes smoothly!

Aaron is doing well, he sleeps a lot and eats a lot. He usually needs a feeding twice during the night, but often doesn't go back to sleep as he has a lot of gas. We think we've finally figured out the foods that are causing the gas, so Betsy will be avoiding them for a while.

I'm doing well at school, but I've started using an alarm for the first time since moving to Singapore, just not getting quite enough sleep yet to trust myself to wake up on time. Hopefully that sleep time will regulate soon.

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Stephanie said...

Haven't visited here in awhile, so I'll be late to say, "Congratulations!" Aaron is handsome and beautiful all at once.

Have fun with all that laundry. I will say that once babies gain a bit of weight the diaper leaks become fewer.