Saturday, February 04, 2006

High Hopes

Being a native of the Northwest I have grown up as a big Seahawks fan. All my life I have watched a team with occasional bursts of greatness (usually not more than a week or two long) followed by amazing turnarounds. As such, this past year has been fun. I've enjoyed watching this team clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs, then to do the unthinkable and actually win a playoff game, opening the doors for their first Super Bowl appearance! That excitement was somewhat mellowed when I realized that the Super Bowl occurs at 7:30 am on Monday morning. . . school time. 8( Fortunately though, I found out about a traditional senior privilege of having a field trip to watch the game. Before you get too upset, we will be studying. My calculus students will be using their skills to calculate the angle and velocity of a punted football with the hopes of learning the ideal trajectory. They will also be testing their quick thinking skills as they calculate the quarterback ratings of their favorite team. All of the seniors will also be studying the economics of the commercials that will be played during the game (unfortunately they will not be the US commercials, but rather Singapore commercials).

So, here's hoping the Seahawks can step out of their normal shoes and be introduced all of next year as the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!

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