Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Of Squash and Peas

The only thing constant about babies is their inconsistency. My mother gave me this valuable information when Aaron was born. It still holds true now!

Aaron had three meals today:
Breakfast: Rice cereal and formula
Lunch: Squash and formula
Dinner: Peas and formula

This was our first 3 meal day. He had peas for the first time yesterday. He likes them very much! However, he didn't do as well today. I think there may be several factors. He isn't used to that much food. He also was upset that I wouldn't let him go from spoon to thumb almost instantaneously. Teething may also play a part. I was a little discouraged, but I know tomorrow will be....well....different. He is, after all, a baby! We are enjoying his growth and exploration immensely.

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Ryan and Shalisa said...

You are not alone, we have much inconsistancy here as well! Maddie takes to her solids differently every day...and most of the time we have a very tight lipped eater ;)Her first food she actually WANTED was avacado, and the new one is applesauce. Cheers to food on the face! (And in between the fingers, and on the floor, and on yourself, and...)