Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Retreat

The staff at ICS had a wonderful weekend at Bintan, Indonesia. This is an island located about an hour ferry ride away from Singapore. Each new school year, ICS teachers and administrators take a weekend to prioritize and focus as a team. We have been going to Bintan, which gets us out of the hectic grind of our lives, for the past three years. The staff participate in seminar classes, and families enjoy each other, the beach, and the pools at Bintan Lagoon Resort.

Danny found the seminar classes very helpful. The retreat was "Focused Living" by Terry B. Walling. There were five sessions dedicated to look at the calling God has placed upon our lives. God used the retreat to point Danny to the work He has done in his life. God gave Danny a vision for the future impact He will have through us, this is the vision as Danny wrote it:
  • I see a man named Aaron with a heart following after God.
  • I see a happy couple still in love after decades of marriage.
  • I see myself opening my life to my students, allowing them to see God's working in my life.
  • I see generations of children learning about the wonderful order of the creation we live in.
  • I see the world covered with young men and women following the God of all Creation. They serve Him, and the people He has created, in love.
  • I see an old man who enjoys pointing kids toward God, wherever God leads him.
  • I see each of these people worshipping God with all they do.
It is a humbling thought to think of how God wants to use Us!

Aaron was such a good traveler this weekend. He really enjoyed being with all the teachers on the ferry. He kept a pretty good routine over the weekend. And he was the "star" of the resort with the workers at Bintan Lagoon.

Betsy found herself relaxing into a restful, stress-free weekend. The beach was beautiful, and she even found some lovely paths around the resort.

We thank God for His work in our lives this weekend.

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