Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vertical Marathon 2007

This Sunday Danny and Betsy both participated in the Vertical Marathon. This was Danny's third attempt and Betsy's second. While we wouldn't call it fun, it was a great feeling to be able to finish. The best part is the view at the top, enjoy some pictures! (If you go to the link above you can actually check our results, though you will have to know how old we are!)

Go Betsy Go!! Finishing strong, Betsy cut her time by 20% from last year. Cutting off more than 4 minutes.
Conquering heros.The beautiful Boat Quay district.
Looking out over the multitude of housing complexes.
The newest site on the skyline, a HUGE ferris wheel, The Singapore Flyer. Not operational yet, but nearing completion. (No, it is not attached to the hotel building, but rather behind it.)

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joann renee said...

You seriously need to update your profile photo! Aaron is so much different now.

And way to go on the marathon.

Next time, you should take a marathon to Oregon. It's your turn afterall, I just visited you.

Did you find out about texting (SMSing) yet? Was it absurdly expensive?