Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Month of Adventures

The past month has been a busy one. Betsy's parents arrived in early November and we have been enjoying the time with them and the ability to have our own photographer! You also get to enjoy the pictures they have taken!

A rainy day, we are in the wet season and receive a shower nearly every day right now with a HEAVY downpour about once a week. Here is an example of the heavy downpour!

Danny working with his chess club students.
Betsy helping to lead worship at the ESL meeting.
Betsy teaching her class.
Aaron & Betsy practicing for the Christmas musical.
Aaron LOVES to read! This is one of his favorites, gotta love Dr. Seuss.
A nice healthy dinner?
Betsy and Danny enjoying fellowship with their Wednesday evening Settlers group.
Aaron enjoying a rare moment on the bed with Mommy.
Dad helped Danny to install the gate at the top of the stairs.
The Whittaker family enjoying a book.
Aaron's first day of school? No, just heading out for church!
Dad and Betsy created a mobile to hang above Aaron's bed.
Building a garage.
And driving cars through it!

The day before Thanksgiving a large construction project was begun on some nearby buildings. They are preparing to install more elevators to give all residents elevator access. Currently most government housing only has lifts that stop on even floors. It is a necessary thing, but it was very loud as they tore the parking lot up to run electrical conduit. We now have a time of quiet before they actually start building the lifts.

Danny and Dad preparing the spuds for Thanksgiving dinner.
We had many friends over to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving at our house. A total of 16 of us thanked God for the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, and for the opportunity we have to serve him. We were especially grateful to God for providing us with such a wonderful home that we could open up to share with so many.

As we enter this month of December we look forward to the many things God will do. Please pray for us as we continue to raise Aaron up as God would want us to. Also, pray for Danny this week as he is coming up with an overview of the Old Testament to teach to his Sunday School students. He also has the opportunity to speak in chapel this week. Pray that God will give him the words to share.

Thank you very much and have a blessed Christmas season!

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joann renee said...

Good to "see" you again! I do miss you guys already...I guess going there reminded me what I've been missing out on in having you three near enough to hug. C'est la vie, eh?

And I'm glad you caught the "Sings a poor" - I was hoping you would :)