Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday February

Aaron and Betsy both have birthdays in February. Here are a few of the things we have been doing in celebration. This is a month's worth of pictures! And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm more than making up for the last 4 weeks!

The biggest present Betsy and Aaron received was a visit from Gigi & Poppa/Mom & Dad.

Aaron received many presents from many different people, so in order to increase the fun we spread the gift giving over many weeks. This way he was able to enjoy each new toy for a while before becoming overwhelmed!

This is a toy that we have been looking forward to playing with for a long time! Aaron is becoming quite the handy-man, taking apart his car and tow truck, then putting them back together. He picks out the proper tool, flat-head, philips, socket, allen wrench, or hammer, then puts them to work!

Gigi and Poppa didn't want Aaron to question where he is from. Proud to be an American!

Aaron also got his first chance to go bowling. He loved it. We had to help him with the ball at first, but by the end he will collect it, walk to the lane, and roll it himself. He even got one strike!
Aaron's favorite gifts were Thomas trains. At Christmas he received a couple of engines, but no track. For his birthday the lack of track was taken care of!
It started with a simple figure eight set from Mommy and Daddy.

Then a package from Grandma & Grandpa came!

Then Gigi & Poppa got him a bridge.
He LOVES playing with the track. And most of the time we love it too!
Another thing we did quite a bit over the past month was swimming. Aaron is becoming quite a little water dog. He loves every aspect of being in the water!

Aaron talked over and over about the "big green bucket with the elephant dumped water on my head."
Learning to drive.
Playing with his excavator at the beach.
Oh, some more swimming, this time at the ocean!
And, with all this going on, Betsy and Danny also got a bit of time to themselves while enjoying the free babysitting!
Love you all! Will fill you in on school next week!


Shalisa said...

Happy celebrations guys! I love 3 year olds! They make me smile :) Did you see Maddie in your outfit on our blog?

Marie said...

Loved the slide show and video! How fun!