Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home again

Just a quick post to let you know that we made it home.  We are still trying to get rested though.  Betsy and Aaron are both a bit sick.  Enjoy some pics until we can talk about it more later!

IMG_6266IMG_6166 IMG_6185 IMG_6195 IMG_6238  IMG_6269 IMG_6273 IMG_6332 IMG_6361 IMG_6366 IMG_6400 IMG_6528 IMG_6545 IMG_6555 IMG_6599 IMG_6612 IMG_6615 IMG_6635  IMG_6652 IMG_6662 IMG_6676 IMG_6681  IMG_6721 IMG_6775 IMG_6788  IMG_6820 IMG_6827 IMG_6865 IMG_6874 IMG_6932 IMG_6944 IMG_7060 IMG_7121


timmy said...

Lotsa cool pics, but my favorite is the STONE PING-PONG TABLE!!! I want one SO bad!!!

CNEIL said...

Danny as Jesus was the best!

I was on the trip too, but with a different group.

You can find more pictures of the beloved Whitakers here-

Most of the ones with them are on the last pages.