Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Southernmost point in Continental Asia

We find it interesting that this little island is considered the southernmost point in continental Asia. It is connected to the island of Sentosa by a bridge, which is connected to Singapore by a bridge, which is connected to Malaysia and mainland Asia by a bridge!

The beach was a beautiful place with a bunch of room to run and play, and plenty of sand to share! There was a group of kids there that dug a hole about 7 feet deep in the sand! And I was able to play frisbee with a couple others from the school. It was fun to be able to really throw the disc full power, though my arm was sore by the end!


Anonymous said...

Asia's continent southernmost point is Tg Piai in Johor. It is a Ramsar site.

Anonymous said...

impossible that asia's southernmost point is in johor malaysia because singapore is connected to malaysia by a causeway (a land strip), and sentosa is connected to singapore by a causeway (a land strip)... so it is right that asia's southernmost point is in Sentosa, Singapore!