Friday, October 15, 2004

Day 2 of consistency!

Tuesday night we were invited to go to the Young Life fundraising banquet with one of Betsy's friends from Bible Study (and the mother of one of my students). It was a great time and it was neat to learn something about this great organization. Pray for wisdom as we consider our involvement.

Last weekend we went with Stephen & Rachel to a park behind their house and were able to play a round of disc golf for the first time since moving here. (Disc golf is like frisbee golf, and a hobby that both of us have been enjoying for the last couple of years.) There are no official courses here like in the states, but we can still just pick a tree here, a sign there, the light post, picnic table, etc. It was great to be throwing our discs again!! And it was great to be out in the greenery!

Thanks again for your prayers, love you all lots! We'll try to post a couple more pictures this weekend.

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