Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wow, where has the time gone?

OK, it has been a couple weeks now, and much has happened. First of all, I'm sorry I haven't sent anything out in the last weeks. Hopefully I will do better now, I'm trying to make this part of my morning routine.

The past two weeks have been pretty good. Though the first part of October both of us were sick. I was still able to go to school, but had a pretty tough day. Then during the weekend was able to recover.

Basketball season has continued and both our younger team and our older team have won their games. We are looking forward to continuing to win and to being about to play in the tournament at the end of the year. Last night the older boys beat the Australian International School for the first time in ICS history!

It is hard to believe, but tomorrow is already the end of the first quarter! Nine weeks of school have already passed! Please pray for me to be diligent in my grading these next few days and to be prepared to turn in grades next Wednesday.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!

We love you lots.

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