Monday, April 11, 2005


The big topic for today is the weather. A couple of days ago we experienced the most amazing storm ever! It got almost twighlight dark, rained a waterfall in wind, and lightning and thunder flashed and sounded simultaniously and constantly. Even these words don't do it justice. I couldn't even see across the road from our apartment. So, I pulled up a chair and enjoyed the show. I had to reset our breaker twice because of lightning strikes.

Meanwhile, after the worst of the lightening and thunder passed, Danny made his way home. I'd been noticing traffic backed up infront of our place. I just assumed the lightening cut power to the traffic lights. But that was not the case. When Danny got home he was wet to his knees. Most of the hard rain was gone so I was puzzled. He said that one or more drains were clogged at the intersection that he must cross to get home. There was a lake about a foot deep covering the entire intersection. The traffic I saw was backed up because each car had to proceed through the lake slow enough to prevent stalling the engine. Danny had to wade home. I imagine he looked a bit like Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain. How bizarre!! He also said that the rain canal nearby, that is usually almost empty, was almost full (about 5 feet deep). It is nice to know those things really are deep and wide for a reason.

We also experienced a similar storm again today. It broke after I got to school to tutor and had worn itself out by the time we were ready to leave. And thankfully no lake to wade in. We did have to reset the breaker when we got home. But we avoided wetness.

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