Monday, May 02, 2005

Morning on Mount Faber

I (Betsy) started to exercise again here. On Mondays and Tuesdays I hike up Mount Faber, walk a loop road, and practice my tai chi. The following 5 pictures are from last Tuesday. I like going up Mount Faber because of the exercise but also because of the fresh, morning smells. And my favorite part is the wonderful a view!

The 6th picture is from when Mom was here. We took her to a polo match. We all had so much fun!! The riders are all at different levels of skill. The game would be slower, then it would get faster with the more experienced players. The horses are switched out every 7 minutes to give them a break. It is hard work and to add the humidity of this climate on top of that is extra difficult. But the horses give the game their all!!

Thank you for your prayers. I still enjoy my volunteer work and tutoring. There are only 5 weeks of the school year left and even my tutor student is starting to get jittery. She is always diligent, but recently a bit distracted. I will continue volunteering at the RDA during the summer but will have different students. Continue to pray that God will use my testimony to reach the lost.

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Marie said...

Good to hear from you Betsy! And good pictures, too! We love you and are praying for you. Thanks for giving us specifics to pray for.