Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Summer is over

Sorry this post is a little late. The last few days have been somewhat hectic:

On Friday, Danny reported back to duty at school for a weekend retreat (staff only), while Betsy took Mama and Daddy to the airport as their two week visit had come to an end.

The retreat was a great time of learning about my coworkers and building connections with them, but it was also hard being away from my pregnant wife. I was grateful that Betsy had things to keep her busy with the other wives here (they went to the zoo).

The last three days have been normal preparation for school, I can't believe the kids arrive on Monday!

Yesterday we also had some friends who are traveling through Singapore arrive. They will be staying at our place while they get the paperwork finished for their move to Australia. It is fun having them here, but we didn't get much of a break between my parents and them!

Tomorrow we go back to the doctor for another checkup and another look at our child. Betsy is 12 weeks pregnant now. The morning sickness has pretty much passed, but she hasn't been sleeping very well.

Love you all lots, thanks for your prayers!

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