Monday, January 02, 2006

Active Baby

This is Betsy giving you an update on the little one. Our busy lives have calmed somewhat so we have more time to update you. We had another doctor's appointment last Tuesday. Aaron is healthy and continuing to grow. He is now about 4 and 1/2 lbs and very active. I am noticing that he has a schedule now.

Times when he is active: slouching (Any time I relax my posture for more than a couple of seconds, he reminds me that there is very little room in my tummy.), transportation (Any vehicle other than my own two legs causes great excitement-taxis, train, or bus.), eating (After every meal he is a happy camper!), bedtime (He must like the reclined position and making sure I remember to pray for him before I fall asleep.).

He is active at other times as well, but these times are the ones I notice with great regularity. We are visiting the doctor every two weeks now, and there are only about 2 months left before our due date, February 19th. I praise God for watching over every step of this pregnancy. Thank you all for your prayers, God is faithfully answering!!!

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Donna Goode said...

I've been thinking of you three alot lately and can't wait to see your little guy! I am happy for you and glad the pregnancy has gone so well. Be sure to send or post his first photos after he is born! I'll be praying for the delivery!