Monday, January 23, 2006

27 days and counting

Well, according to our doctor, 27 days from now Aaron enters our home.
We are busy doing everything we can to make sure we are ready for that
day! Quite often as we are going about our day we mention that it may
be the last time we can do it for quite a while. We are excited, but
know our lives will change in more ways that we even recognize!

I (Danny) have been recognizing (again, this is a constant struggle) my
need to focus my priorities. While I know in my mind and heart what my
priorities "are", my actions quite often do not show these same
priorities. This past week I have really been attempting to turn those
poor priorities back over to Christ so that He can direct me! Please
pray that I will continue to do this, especially as Aaron is born and I
want to be an example for Him!

Together we have been reading the book "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. James
Dobson. It has been an enlightening read, but also somewhat scary! I
am recognizing more and more how important my role is in his proper
mental and emotional development. Betsy is already planning to go out
and buy a HUGE first aid kit to take care of him!

The doctor is now looking for weekly visits from Betsy. I (Betsy) am
feeling good, but tired. I have trouble sleeping at night because 1)the
baby moves around keeping me awake or 2)I have heartburn that makes me
move to the couch to incline a bit or 3)uncomfortable restlessness.
However, I do sleep other times and for the most part feel rested. I've
decided not to worry about how much sleep I get when, but rather just
sleep as I can. The doctor said that Aaron has not dropped yet and
expects him to in another week or two. His heartbeat is strong and all
seems well. I've been reading books my Mom sent and now know what
questions to ask Dr. Lee (my doctor). She is a very good listener and
has the answers. She said all the questions are normal, and I'm sure
she's heard them all before. Praise God for His provision of Dr. Lee.

We are very excited to welcome my (Betsy) parents to Singapore next
month on Feb. 12. Mom spent last March with us, but Dad has never been
here before. Please be praying for them as they prepare and make the

Love you all lots!
Danny, Betsy, & Aaron

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