Wednesday, March 08, 2006

30 days old

As I write this, Aaron is now 30 days and 30 minutes old. He is sleeping now. I just finished feeding him (from a bottle). Betsy and Gigi just got back from a shopping trip, they were both getting cabin fever after not being out for almost a week. They enjoyed having a chance to get out!

Today was a much better day for Aaron and Betsy here at home, we think we are beginning to understand some of the problems he was having. Hopefully he has begun to turn the corner and will be doing better. Please pray that is the case!

School is going well, and I'm working to be more organized at school so I can be more devoted at home. Thanks for your prayers, and enjoy the pics.


Squeaky said...

Aww...very nice new pictures! :) I like the family one best outta the new bunch.
And the thing from back on the our blog was about a certain B.C., a girl, and a ring. All gettin' together in Sept. for a little "hitch'n."

aerogirl said...

Hey Mr. Whittaker, I enjoyed your post with all the cute pics. Thanks for also commenting on my blog. I'm going through my flight training to get my private certificate right now and will eventually work my way to being a corporate pilot hopefully - my major is aeronautical science: professional pilot. Right now its spring break, but i'm staying on campus to work on flying. Congrats on being a new dad and having a wonderful son. Emily