Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Almost a month!

Wow, can't believe we are into March, only a few more days and Aaron will be a month old! He is growing so quickly. The last week or so he has really struggled with gas pains and thus he has not been sleeping very well, but we got him some drops that have helped with that, and Betsy took him to the doctor again today. The doctor diagnosed him with acid reflux and gave him some medication. This has worked wonderfully so far and he has been able to sleep well most of the day, catching up from the past days. Hopefully he will still sleep tonight too!!

As for night time, Aaron has been giving Betsy a few hours of sleep at night with feedings at about 11pm, then 5 or 6am. Of course he hasn't slept that whole time with the acid reflux, but usually gets to sleep at around 2. Mom and Dad have been wonderfully in sitting up with him and allowing us to sleep!

Love you all!

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