Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Four-Day Weekend!

Living in Singapore is a lot of fun.  Singapore has a vast cultural diversity and the government works hard to be very tolerant of the different cultures and religions.  For this reason, it seems like every other week we are celebrating some holiday or festival.  Monday we "celebrated" Deepavali (Indian New Year).  Basically this meant that we got a four-day weekend!  It was wonderful, though not quite as fun as we were planning.  Betsy was sick the whole weekend and is only now beginning to recover.  As a result, Danny and Aaron got to spend a lot of father-son time while Betsy rested.  Danny really enjoyed all the time with Aaron.

Some of our activities:
Walk to the store
Watch Horton Hears a Who
Play baseball

Play in the ball pit

It is amazing how fast he is growing up!  I loved getting to see his growth up close.  Tonight we had a couple of funny moments as it neared bedtime:

After Aaron's bath, as I was getting ready to dry him off, I pointed to the ceiling and said, "Aaron, what is that?"  (I was just trying to get him to look up so that I could tickle his neck.)  As I pulled the towel away, he continued to look up and said, "I don't know what it is."  I tried to tell him I was just teasing him, but he wouldn't give up.  He finally concluded that I must have been pointing at a gecko and declared, "The gecko is all gone."  When we finished drying him off he ran to Betsy to tell her that the (non-existent) gecko ran off!

Later, I was working with Aaron trying to get him to quote Deuteronomy 6:5. (Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.)  I had showed him hand motions for heart, soul, and mind.  As he quoted he said, "Love God with your soul, heart". Then he stopped, so I pointed at his head to get him to say mind, but no, he says, "and ear."

Racing fever
Some of you may have heard about the big F1 race here in Singapore a couple of weeks ago.  If you didn't, it was a big deal here and was the first night race in F1 history.  Because of this great excitement in the city there have been many different things emphasizing the race.  One of these was an exhibit at the science center.  Betsy took Aaron to see the displays that were set up.  Here is one of the cars in the display (no, it is not an F1 car).


Marie said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing the Aaron funnies! We loved reading them and seeing the pics, too.

joann renee said...

i love the ball dumping picture