Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seeing the Sights

It is the rainy season here.  We find this to be a mixed blessing.  With the rain comes all the blossoms on all the plants.  The island is a riot of colors!  The rain also brings somewhat cooler weather (30 degrees C instead of 32 degrees!!)  Ok, so I never thought I'd notice a 1 or 2 degree change in temperature.  Sometimes I wish for a sweatshirt in the windy rain.  (I know, I can't believe it either!)
Unfortunately, rainy weather also keeps away the sun.  It has been several days since we had a bright, sunny day all day.  When Aaron and Betsy went to the zoo the other day, we had to sit under shelter for about 45 minutes while the rain pelted all the trails.  But we can't complain because of all the other great things about rain.
So, enjoy the rainy season with us!
Danny got a great idea using the computer program to alter this picture using another picture Betsy took of a flower.  Betsy worked to bring out this unusual art.  I call it "The Flowering Butterfly".
The orchids are blooming all over the place.  Betsy really likes this one.
Aaron is having a great time despite the rain.  There is a new children's area at the zoo with a huge, shallow pool.  It is dotted with all sorts of fun fountains!  Aaron discovered the fun of pushing his hands down on the spouts on this fountain then jump up and watch the water splash!

The white tigers enjoy the cooler weather too!
Even the shy tapir went for a quick dip in his pool!
At a restaurant recently, the waiter offered a booster seat instead of a "baby chair" as they call high chairs here.  Yes, Aaron has graduated.  However, it took him some time to decide that the booster seat was a good thing.  So, first he crawled out and sat beside it.
Ok, he finally felt ready to try this new contraption.  He enjoyed it by the end of the meal.
The bonsai trees in the Chinese Gardens here are beautiful.  Aaron just enjoyed running around all the displays and following Daddy's lead.  Daddy said, "Raise your arms up high, like this!"  Aaron did just that.
A rare picture with Mommy.  Usually Mommy stays behind the camera.  Oh yea, he really likes this froggy hat!
Remember that great Disney cartoon, Mulan?  This is a statue of Mulan.  Doesn't look exactly like the cartoon, but it is a great statue.  Yea, it had been raining here too!


joann renee said...

Aw, fun. A year ago I had just returned home from your rainy season to ours. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

We are loving all these great pictures. You better make some greeting cards with them, Betsy! Great gifts! I will take 2 dozen, ha ha! Can't believe we will be there with you in about 75 days!
Love you all and miss you!
Poppa & Gigi