Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun Days!

Here are some random pics of fun times we've been having:

Aaron came into our room, plopped his little blanket on his head, and said, "Mommy, take picture of Aaron?"
Umm....sure, ok!

 There was a break in the recent rainy weather, so Aaron and Mommy went to a couple of playgrounds.  The sun made the slides too hot for Aaron to slide, but he drove his truck all over and it went down the slides several times!  For a while, a boy who was on his way home from school joined in the fun and would send the truck back up the slides for Aaron to catch!

Aaron really liked playing with these gears!

Daddy emptied out the legos bucket and Aaron decided to fill it himself!
Oh, and the snowman had to join in the fun!!
Daddy and Mommy had a day off while Aaron played with a babysitter on Saturday.  We joined some friends and played frisbee disc golf.  There were several beginners learning the art of putting!
Danny just sent a disc flying off to a distant target!
Ok, now it is Betsy's turn.

Lastly, today, Betsy watched the sky transform from this:

To this:
(Yea, rain followed soon after, complete with crackling lightning and rolling thunder!)

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