Monday, September 06, 2004


Early on in the year I was approached about helping with the coaching of basketball. I love basketball and played all through jr. high and high school, but I was a lot nervous about being a coach as I don't feel my knowledge of the game is quite that good, especially when it comes to analyzing a situation and helping my players to understand what they need to do. But, because of the need, I agreed.

I am coaching the U16 (Under 16) team which is similar to the JV teams in the states, while Jason Goode is coaching the Open (varsity) team. Jason pretty much runs the practices, and will be with me on the bench for the U16 games, telling me what to tell the kids, and basically teaching me to be a coach! I am looking forward to the learning process!

So far things have been good. We started practice the second week of school, but only practice twice a week. Our first games were this past Saturday. We played in a tournament to see where our U16 matches with other U16 to decide what division we will play in. We won both of our shortened games, so we will be playing in the upper division.

Pray for wisdom for me as I coach, and as I have this opportunity to interact with the students outside of the classroom. Some of my players are not Christians and I want this time on the team to be a time that they can see God's glory! One of those non-Christian players is BJ. Pray for him as he broke his wrist in our first scrimmage and will likely miss the first half of the season. Pray that he will keep a good attitude and see God working in him through this time!

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