Monday, September 06, 2004


My new computers class has been going well. I am enjoying the somewhat freeform teaching where I don't have a book to follow, but can choose the topics that I feel are important. But at the same time this means a lot more work as I attempt to create assignments that will help their learning and not just keep them busy! Pray for wisdom in my assignment selection.

Calculus is continuing to move on! I finally got my own copy of the text so I don't have to do a bunch of photocopying, thank God for ebay and being able to get out of print books for a reasonable price ($44 apiece instead of $120 for a new one!) I am struggling some with the class as I haven't taught it before and have a lot of things to relearn well enough to teach them! Pray that I will be able to explain difficult concepts in understandable words.

My other classes are relatively normal, I've taught most of them before and am not having much trouble with the actual math. But, I am having to work on my communication techniques. While all of the students can speak English, many of them are very slow in comprehension, especially when trying to explain technical terms from Geometry and proofs. Pray that I will be able to speak slowly and clearly enough that they will understand me, and the same for them so I can understand them!!

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