Friday, September 10, 2004


Well, I'm updating a little sooner this time. . . Yesterday while walking home from school I misjudged a step and twisted/sprained/rolled (I'm not sure what the right term is) my ankle. It isn't real bad, but there is pain, and it made for an interesting day today as we had chapel. . . This means that I go up the 50 stairs for attendance, down 75 to chapel, back up 75 to my room, down 75 for lunch, back up 75 for 4th period, down 50 for 5th and 6th, back up 50 for 7th period, down 75 for basketball practice, and back up 25 to do some work in the teacher's lounge. That is a lot of stairs! Thankfully I didn't also have to walk up and down the 70 stairs in front of our apartment as Joe Beeson (the principal) was able to give me a ride to and from school. Now I have the weekend to recover and should be fine by Monday.

Other news, we have a guest for the week! A missionary with YWAM is on his way home from Papua New Guinea and needed a place to stay for a week, so Joe asked us if we could house him. We are glad to. His fiance is staying with another teacher from the school, so we don't see much of him, just in the morning and the evening. It has been fun talking to him some about PNG and the experiences there.

A pray request for this weekend is the work I need to do. Midterm progress reports are due Monday afternoon, and there are a lot of papers to deal with. Pray that I will be diligent with my time. Also, pray that my ankle does heal correctly and quickly!


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